how not to sell your house

How Not to Sell Your House?―A Comprehensive Insight

Is your house too old? Are you just tired of living in the same area? Whatever your situation is, you can handle it in mainly 2 ways –  Your first option is to go to an agent, who will list your house among the many homes for sale. These agents find you several potential buyers who will come …

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selling your house through investor vs agent

Benefits of Selling Your House Through iBuyLehigh vs an Agent

It’s not easy to let go of a place you’ve cherished for so long, probably spent many special moments there as well. Yet, for some reason, you want to sell your house, as soon as possible, who do you turn to?   If you went on Google and searched “sell my house fast” or “how to sell my hou…

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Sell Your Inherited House

Want to Sell an Inherited House in Lehigh Valley? Inheriting a house can be a blessing and can bring financial benefits, but sometimes dealing with an inherited house can be costly and difficult, especially if you live out of town and are trying to deal with the property long distance. It can also b…

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Divorcing with House to Sell?

Going through a divorce is never easy. Even if you’re looking forward to getting a fresh start after the divorce is finalized, you may be dealing today with financial issues with your former spouse, including selling a property that you owned together. When it comes to selling a house as part of a…

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House That Needs Repairs

We Buy Lehigh Valley Houses in As-Is Condition! Many of the properties we buy are imperfect and need repairs. It’s common for a house to need a new roof, new paint, HVAC replacement, appliance updates, or even structural repairs. Most people looking to buy a house would be afraid of a fixer-upper,…

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Stop Foreclosure When You’re Behind on Payments

People get behind on their mortgage payments for different reasons. Whether you’re dealing with an illness (you or a family member), divorce, job loss, or other unexpected financial stress, you have options. The best thing to do is to deal directly with the situation. Don’t ignore it or hope the…

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